Vinoguard Synthetic Vinyl Gloves, Extra Large, Pack of 100

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Vinoguard Synthetic Vinyl Gloves

Vinoguard is the Readigloves brand name for vinyl gloves. Vinyl gloves are of lower performance than both nitrile and latex but do offer a low cost option for low risk tasks.


  • Vinyl is a synthetic polymer, more commonly known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). To make the rigid polymer flexible and suitable for use as a glove, plasticisers are added, such as phthalates.
  • Smooth finish, highly suitable for washing patients or handling fragile skin.
  • Low elasticity, but strong enough to prevent ripping on donning.
  • Generally lower comfort but satisfactory if the glove is big enough.
  • Stretch synthetic vinyl versions available for improved fit and comfort.
  • Latex free construction, to prevent Type l (latex) allergies and sensitisation.
  • Basic barrier protection against biological organisms and viral penetration.
  • Minimal resistance to chemicals, suitable for non hazardous tasks only.
  • Low cost, suitable for frequent, low risk general purpose tasks.
  • Colour: Cream. 
  • Size: Extra-Large. 
  • Pack of 100.