SteriCare Sterile Single Use Baby Bottle, 130ml, Pack of 10 + 10 SteriCare Pre-Term Teats

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SC130S + BNZ-N154446x10

SteriCare® Sterile Single Use Baby Bottle, 130ml, Pack of 10 + 10 SteriCare Pre-term Teats

Ideal for mothers that are breastfeeding their children - Breast milk can be collected in the baby bottle when you’re expressing, stored in the freezer and then safely warmed when needed for feeding. The bottles and teats are sterile in the packet - This means that you don’t have to worry about prepping the bottles - All you have to do is fill, warm and feed! The 130ml-sized bottle is perfect for newborn babies all the way up until their appetite requires a larger bottle. All standard narrow-necked teats will fit the bottles.

The 10 bottles also come with 10 SteriCare 3 speed, pre-term teats which are also sterile in the packet.

From hospital to home...

Used by professionals in hospitals and maternity wards all over the world - Our bottles are trusted because they meet and exceed the standards set by the government public safety authorities in the USA, UK, EU and Canada | No nasty chemicals are used in the manufacturing process of our bottles

Does not contain:- BPA, BPS or Phthalates | Made from polypropylene which is widely recyclable!


  • Pack of 10 bottles
  • Pack of 10 SteriCare 3 speed, pre-term Teats
  • Easily Adjustable Flow to suit your Baby’s ever-changing needs
  • 130ml capacity
  • Clear graduations In ml
  • Fill, heat and feed - Great for busy parents!
  • Ideal containers for storing breastmilk - Freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe
  • No preparation needed - Bottle is pre-sterilised