Warwick Sasco Spa Drinking Mug with Handles, Narrow Spout and Feeder Style Lids, 250ml

Drinking cup with handles,spout lid and feeder lid- Long Life Re-usable Drinking Mug for use in Nursing, Rehabilitation, Elderly Care, and Community Care. Product Benefits: • Lightweight, strong and durable. • Two handles for improved grip and handling - ideal for those with limited hand movement. • Non-drip rim, non-scratch, and drop proof. • Includes Narrow Spout and Feeder Lids that are secure and not loosened by washing. • Lids have a vent hole which helps in cooling hot drinks and controls liquid flow. • Manufactured from high quality Polypropylene. • 250ml Drinking Cup • 75ml Diameter • 2 Handles • Narrow Spout and Feeder lids included