Vital Baby Nurture Microwave Sterilising Bags, Pack of 5


Vital Baby Nurture Microwave Sterilising Bags

The vital baby NURTURE microwave sterilising bags have been designed to give ultimate convenience, perfect for use where there is no space for a bulky electric steriliser, or while you are away with baby, these are a simple, easy-to-use solution for home or away.


  • Offer peace of mind, killing 99.9% of common bacteria to keep your baby healthy and happy.
  • Can be used for fast and safe sterilisation of bottles, accessories, teats and soothers.
  • Can be used multiple times - up to 30 uses from a single bag – each bag can be marked to help you keep track.
  • Provide 100% chemical free sterilisation – just add water.
  • Super convenient – each bag will sterilise up to 3 bottles, teats, collars and caps all in one go.
  • Contains 5 bags per pack giving you up to 150 uses!