Vernagel Absorbent Sachets, Pack of 100


Vernagel is a super absorbent powder which prevents spillages and leaks by solidifying liquids. Vernagel is designed specifically to cope with bodily fluids – trapping them in a dry, semi solid gel that is convenient and easy to dispose of.


Environmental benefits : Lowering environmental impact - Vernacare's single use system uses less energy and water than re-usable systems to dispose of biodegradable medical pulp products, using the market-leading Vortex pulp disposal unit.

Nurse Time Benefits : Increasing productivity and convenience – Vernacare's single use system helps to improve working conditions, increase patient dignity and save nurse time, releasing more time to care for patients

Financial Benefits : Reduced running costs –Vernacare's single use system can cost significantly less to purchase, operate and maintain than alternative re-usable systems. Further financial benefits are provided through the savings in nursing time and reduction of costly HCAIs.

Infection Prevention Benefits : Raising infection control standards – Vernacare's single use system removes concerns over the effectiveness of thermal washer disinfectors and helps to break the chain of infection.

UK Department of Health guidelines in response to Ebola:

The latest UK Department of Health guidelines in response to Ebola state "For non-ambulant patients, disposable bedpans should be used and the contents to be solidified with high-absorbency gel".

This is a best-practice method used across leading hospitals globally, where Vernagel absorbent powder is used in bedpans to solidify liquid waste and avoid spillages of urine and diarrhoea.