The Original Colorline Surgifix Elastic Tubular Netting Bandage, 25m, Size 5.5


The Original Colorline Surgifix Elastic Tubular Netting

Surgifix is a soft, white, elastic net bandage knitted from polyester, polyamide and latex yarns.


  • Ideal for dressing retention on heads, fingers and other awkward sites, Surgifix is particularly useful for dressing retention in chronic wound treatment.
  • The special construction ensures that it can be stretched without shrinking or distorting and minimises tourniquet effect. 
  • Easy to apply and is highly versatile to fit a broad range of indications.
  • Cool, conformable, low-bulk bandage solution.
  • The open breathable net design facilitates monitoring of the wound site/device and ensures the dressing is held firmly in position, without restricting patient movement.
  • Comes in a roll format that can be cut to the required size to minimise wastage.
  • Size: 5.5 (genital, femoral region, head, axilla).
  • Width: 43mm +/- 4.3mm.
  • Length: 9m unstretched and 25m stretched.