Sustain Environmentally Friendly Paper Cups, With Lids, 12oz, Pack of 25

Sustain_ _ a brand of renewable & compostable food packaging Sustain Made from renewable resources _ plants that re-grow, such as sugar cane and corn. Conventional plastics used for packaging are made from oil, a finite resource. 100% compostable and biodegradable _ Sustain_ packaging is independently certified to the EN 13432 standard for compostability. Meaning it can be collected with food waste and, within 12 weeks in a composting facility, will biodegrade into compost _ ready to be used on soil to grow more plants, in a closed loop model. Low carbon footprint thanks to its carbon-absorbing plant beginnings. Meaning it_s carbon-neutral even if incinerated. Diverting food and packaging waste from landfill also avoids methane emissions. Packaging that_s too contaminated with food cannot be recycled so compostable packaging offers a great alternative.