SteriCare Sterile Disposable Single Use Baby Bottle 60ml and 3 Speed, Standard Teat, Pack of 1


Introducing SteriCare®’s Sterile Disposable 60ml baby bottle with standard 3 speed teat


Ideal for busy parents, being pre-sterilised means you can fill and feed on the go, a great option when traveling or simply for less hassle.


Perfect for bottle feeding, 1 pack contains all you need, a bottle, a teat and a handy feeding cup, all sterile and ready to use. One less worry for parents constantly on the go.


From Hospital to Home®


Used by professionals in hospitals and maternity wards all over the world. 

The Stericare® bottle range and accompanying products have been carefully tested and certified to UK, European and American safety standards.


Does not contain: BPA, BPS or Phthalates. 

Made from polypropylene which is widely recyclable.