SteriCare Sterile Colostrum Collector, 1ml, Pack of 10


SteriCare Sterile Colostrum Collector

Collection of every hand expressed precious drop of colostrum can be difficult. With SteriCare’s 1ml Colostrum Collector offers a tried and tested method of collecting each droplet.


  • Graduated- Clear markings allow the user to see the volume collected up to a maximum of 1ml.
  • Each Collector comes with a stopper it can be safely stored without leakage.
  • Internally the plunger, when depressed, drives to the end of the barrel allowing the removal of all liquid contained in the syringe to ensure all of the precious Colostrum can be extracted.
  • Suitable for labelling and freezing, providing a suitable option for mums expressing at both antenatal and early postnatal stages.
  • Sterile and ready to use. 
  • Manufactured from Polypropylene (BPA-Free). 
  • Pack of 10.