PEVA Bariatric Body Bag with 6 Handles, Black, Adult, 120cm x 218cm, Bariatric, 0.15cm Thickness

This high quality black PEVA body bag is fitted with 6 sturdy handles for ease of transportation and lifting of deceased patients. It is also provided with a document pocket for identification purposes. The body bag holds a body weight of up to 150kg. Suitable for cremation, this type of body bag is chlorine free, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. SIZE: Bariatric WEIGHT CAPACITY: Up to 150kg (330 lbs) MATERIAL: Black PEVA 0.32 mm / 13 mils, suitable for cremation. ZIPPER STYLE: D-Shaped/Envelope style zipper SHELF LIFE: Minimum of 5 years HANDLES: Durable cylinder-shaped handles for easy grip ID CARDS: 3 Pack of 1.