Nutwell Medical Spider Strap with Adjustable Sliding Cross Straps, Multi-Coloured


Spider Strap, Sliding Cross Straps, Multi-Coloured

The Spider Strap is unmatched for ease of use and effective immobilisation. Used to quickly and securely strap a patient to a backboard or stretcher in seconds, the spider strap can be used time after time. It is fully adjustable with sliding cross straps. The 8 straps thread through the board and secure around the patient using high strength Velcro.


  • Easily folded for quick stowage.
  • Machine washable.
  • Colour coded cross straps for ease of use.
  • Cross straps are not fixed but can be slid in to position to ensure maximum patient comfort.
  • Made in the UK by Nutwell Logistics Limited.

Options and accessories include:

  • NATO green
  • All black
  • Carry bags with 3 fittings: Velcro, belt or van panel fitting
  • Spine boards
  • Scoop trays.