Medihoney Antibacterial Wound Gel 10g


Medihoney tubes are proven to be clinically effective for:

  • Creating an antibacterial environment that is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria including antibiotic-resistant organisms
  • Fast, effective autolytic debridement on sloughy and necrotic tissue in an antibacterial environment
  • Rapidly removing malodour
  • Providing a moist wound healing environment thus reducing trauma and pain at dressing change

Medihoney Antibacterial Wound Gel has been specially formulated combining 80% Medihoney Antibacterial Honey with waxes to provide a high viscosity gel that is easy to apply with good wash off characteristics when dressings are changed.


- Surgical wounds

- Acute and Chronicle wounds

- Burns

- Leg/foot ulcers

- Pressure sores

- Donor and recipient graft sites

The high osmotic potential created by Medihoney Antibacterial Medical Honey causes a mass flow of bacteria, endotoxins and necrotic material away from the wound bed. This material is then contained in an antibacterial matrix for easy removal at dressing change.


  • For Single Use Only, once opened cannot be re-sealed.
  • Single Patient Use Only
  • Only sterile until seal is broken.
  • Do not use if tube is damaged.
  • Use within 4 months of opening.