Kershaws Laundry Starch, 200g

Starch has been used since Egyptian times. It's best known use for laundry is to add a crispness to fabrics. By soaking formal shirts in starch prior to ironing, an invisible residue is left behind that offers a number of benefits. It's no wonder that it's finding favour again with professionals, who want to dress to impress! Benefits: The garment is easier to iron Not only does the shirt simply look better, it will be more resistant to creases, looking 'sharper' the whole day long The fabric is more resistant to sweat, grime and spills. For these reasons, Kershaw's Laundry starch is also ideal for bed and table linen as well as napkins. Laundry starch can either be used as a soak during handwashing or added to the final rinse in a washing machine. You can also use Laundry Starch to make kid's slime videos shown online! 200g Pack of 1