Hartmann Atrauman Dressings, 5cm x 5cm, Box of 50

Atrauman impregnated dressing by Hartmann keep wound edges and wound areas supple and also protect wounds against drying. The thin, soft net lace made of hydrophobic polyester fibres has a smooth surface and, together with the impregnated ointment, prevents Atrauman from sticking to wounds. Atrauman is breathable and permeable to exudate so that the exudate can drain well. Atrauman impregnated dressings carry no active ingredients and neither sensitise nor cause allergies even during longer use. Non medicated, polyester mesh dressing for atraumatic wound care.
  • Pore size 1mm prevents granulation tissue from penetrating the dressing.
  • Impregnated with Neutral Triglycerides (Fatty Acids).
  • Does not contain Vaseline or Paraffin, leaving the wound residue free.
  • Keeps wound edges soft and supple, avoiding contraction of scar tissue.
  • Enhances non-adherent properties minimising pain and trauma on removal.
  • Hydrophobic polyester fibres permits the passage of exudate and air.