Dri-Pak Opal Rinse Aid, 500ml x 2

bad seller You can use this Dri-Pak Opal Rinse Aid to keep your glasses and cutlery streak free in your dishwasher. Add this rinse aid to your dishwasher cycle to ensure that the rinsing water slides off of your dishes and glasses to leave them sparkling and shiny as well as making them dry much more quickly. It’s added to a special compartment in your machine and is released during the final hot rinse cycle to reduce those water spots and residues that can be left behind. It’s designed to give you a better drying performance and optimal results when washing your dishes and glassware. Using a rinse aid will reduce the surface tension of the water which really helps with drying and leaving no marks. This bottle has a dispenser pourer for easy use when adding to your dishwasher and a secure fitting cap to prevent leakage for easy storage