Deb Cutan 1L Hand Wash Dispenser, Blue


Deb Cutan 1 Litre Hand Wash Dispenser

A high quality wall mounted dispenser for the excellent range of Deb Cutan medical hand soaps and cleansers.


  • Designed for use in the healthcare industry.
  • For use with Deb Cutan 1 litre hand wash cartridges (available separately).
  • Pre-printed with 7 step NHS instructions for effective hand washing.
  • Easily mounted using sticky pads or screws and plugs (all supplied).
  • Cartridge can be slotted into dispenser in seconds.
  • Large push button that can be hand or elbow operated.
  • Fixed shot sizes to deliver the exact amount required, controlling usage and reducing waste.
  • Sight Glass indicates the level of product remaining in the cartridge.
  • Innovative locking mechanism to prevent unauthorised access and product contamination.
  • Made from ABS plastic for strength and durability.
  • Colour-coded for easy product identification.
  • Colour: Blue (For hand wash but other 1 litre Deb Cutan products will also fit).