Cestra Ultra Four Latex Free Multi-Layer System Bandage,18-25cm

Ultra Four is a multi-layer compression bandage system for the management of venous leg ulcers and associated conditions. Supplied as a kit, Ultra Four is clinically proven and provides a cost effective method of treatment. Leg ulceration is associated mostly with venous disease and is a large problem in the UK with approximately 59% of leg ulcers being of venous origin. Ultra Four can achieve a 83% healing rate in 20 weeks. Ultra Four is also 100% free from latex. Ultra Four kits are supplied in a handy bag with a carry handle for ease of transportation. Each bag contains an insert card, which has full, easy to follow step-by-step instructions for use. System Components This Ultra Four kit is made up of three bandage layers plus a primary wound contact dressing. The quantity and function of each is listed below: 1 x Wound Contact Dressing - Cestra Primary A large 12.5 x 14.5cm low adherent wound contact dressing helps prevents subsequent layers from adhering to the wound. Size allow for coverage of 93% of all wounds, saving time and costs. Supplied in a sterile pack. 2 x Layer No. 1 - Ultra Soft A protective, absorbent orthopaedic padding that is conformable, absorbs exudate, redistributes excessive pressure and protects bony prominences. Easy to apply and tear. Manufactured from soft viscose and polyester. 1 x Layer No. 2 - Ultra Lite A type 2 light support soft crepe bandage that adds absorbency, is conformable and provides a firm base for the application of the compression layer, preserving its elastic energy. It is suitable for use over joints. High quality knitted viscose and elastomer fabric 1 x Layer No. 4 - Ultra Fast A type 3b cohesive compression bandage that maintains the other layers and the required compression for up to a week. It is strong, durable, flexible and easy to use. Manufactured from an adhesive coated elastomeric fabric, free from natural rubber latex.