BSN Co-Flex Flexible Cohesive Bandage, Latex-Free, 10cm x 2m

Co-Flex Latex-Free Flexible Cohesive Bandage
Co-Flex is a flexible latex-free cohesive bandage, ideal for use by clinicians and veterinary staff with a sensitivity to natural rubber latex.
Flexible substrate means that Co-Flex is able to conform even to the most awkward body contours.
For support and compression of soft tissue injuries, retention of dressings etc or layer 4 of the four layer bandaging system component.
Also suitable for veterinary use - does not stick to fur or hair.
Provides non-slip support and compression or fixation.
Adheres to itself, but not to patients or clothing and no pins or clips are required to hold the bandage in place.
A unique synthetic construction, incorporating a combination of nylon and viscose yarns coated with a latex free component to provide cohesive properties.
Highly versatile and easy to use - hand tearable in both directions.
Porous structure aids skin breathability.
Colour: Beige. 
Size: 10cm x 2m (4.5m Stretched).
Pack of 1.