Baxa Exacta-Med Oral Dose Syringe, 10ml, Purple, Pack of 2


Baxa Exacta-Med Oral Dose Syringes 

Designed for accurate oral administration of medicines and nutrients to babies, children, and the elderly.


  • Specifically designed for use in the medical field and accurately delivers small doses of liquid medicine to your patients.
  • Their dual graduations providing easy-to-read dosage marks.
  • Each syringe is masked with an 'Oral Use Only' label for clear identification.
  • Clear barrel with purple plunger.
  • Reduce the risk of spillage or waste.
  • PVC-free construction.
  • Made from a durable Polypropylene.
  • Sterile – Individually packed.
  • Colour: Purple.
  • Size: 10ml.
  • Pack of 2.