Ameda HygieniKit Sterile Pumpset with 30mm Flange + 28.5mm Insert


Ameda Single HygieniKit Pumpset 

Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection Systems are designed to work specifically with all Ameda breast pumps.


  • Uniquely designed to help protect expressed milk and the baby from bacteria, mould, and viruses.
  • The world’s only Proven Airlock Protection feature reducing risk and simplifying pump use and care. 
  • While a mother pumps Ameda’s diaphragm prevents the air from the pump motor from coming in contact with the expressed milk.
  • Keeps milk in its purest form from mother to newborn.
  • Enables faster nursing time.
  • Low maintenance cleaning and simplicity.
  • Comfortable suction contours woman's breast.
  • Cost effective solution for breast feeding.
  • BPA and DEHP free.
  • Sterile until opened.

Kit includes:

1 x adapter cap, 1 x silicone diaphragm, 1 x breast flange (25mm) and insert (28.5mm), 2 x valves, 1 x bottle (120ml/4oz), 1 x tubing adaptor, 1 x tubing (36"/91.44cm), 1 x cap with locking ring.