3M Blenderm Surgical Tape 5cm x 4.5m, Hypoallergenic, Transparent, Waterproof, Pack of 6


3M Blenderm Surgical Tape is a latex free, hypoallergenic, occlusive transparent tape designed to provide a barrier from external fluids and contamination. This tape is ideal for protecting wounds and for specialist applications.

3M Blenderm Surgical Tape is plastic and occlusive. It protects wounds from moisture, fluid and bacterial contamination when used for short term fixation of dressings. This makes the tape ideal for industrial medicine.

  • 3M Blenderm Surgical Tape is transparent to allow easy skin monitoring.
  • The tape flexes and stretches to help it conform to movement.
  • The hypoallergenic adhesive on 3M Blenderm Surgical Tape provides adequate adhesion yet minimal trauma on removal.
  • Radiolucent.
  • 5cm x 4.5m
  • Pack of 6