BioSkin - Thigh Skin - Size L

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There are numerous muscles in the upper leg that work to bend and straighten the knee and hip. In addition to this there are adductor muscles on the inside of the leg that bring the thigh back to a central position. All are essential to to your mobility. During sport and exercise these muscles are put under considerable stress and can become damaged. An injury to the thigh and upper leg area can be extremely painful and can be uncomfortable whether you're sitting or standing. This area of the body is integral to your movement and balance, and any injury can seriously affect your ability even to walk in comfort, so the swifter the recovery, the quicker you can get back to daily life.

A dose of compression can help blood flow to the injured muscle, speeding up healing times and helping the muscle repair itself. The BioSkin Thigh Skin Support offers high levels of constant compression for wrap-around wear on the thigh, so your pain can be managed and your recovery put in the best possible hands

Features of the BioSkin Thigh Skin Support

Easy application
Provides 18 - 20 mmHg compression
BioSkin gives secure fit and steady compression
Ultra thin, ultra lightweight design
Breathable material lets moisture escape
Contoured fit
Reduces muscle vibration
Increases proprioception